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of the lines on the chart is an ancient leap straight into the sky, and finally into a Road ancient text,Tiffany Outlet Store, suspended in mid-air in front of the crowd.
bimonthly with now,Tiffany Outlet.
Jiuxing one.
earth tides,Tiffany Outlet.
fire demon incarnate.
old drugs will slowly read out these ancient font, on the face,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, but also gradually took a touch of color shock.
‘What does this mean?’ Xiao Yan brow Wei Zhou, some still do not understand the meaning of this being.
old drugs Qingtu breath, whispered: ‘bimonthly with now, Jiuxing one, is to say a special kind of world view,Tiffany And Co Outlet, but this landscape is just able to meet once a millennium, the world tide, it is because this kinds of world views and visions triggered last one, you should understand that in the world tide appeared that day,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Joren fire demon, will come into the world. ‘
lengleleng Xiao Yan, immediately said:? ‘Millennium just can encounter with a machine that it not completely out of it …………,
‘calculate the time, one of the world tide distance, has been a nine hundred ninety seven years, that there are three-time’ drug old shook his head, but added a sigh of relief, said: ‘Ye, Joren fire demon too strong, not to mention to you, even if I can not be overcome, if forced to come, I am afraid it will be three years time it backfire, actually gives you an ample opportunity to enhance the strength.
‘This year, you have to reach the level of fighting holy’ Otherwise, even if the fire demon incarnate, you can only look at …… ‘
‘Oh, so many years of hard work, we get that information,’ Xiao Yan smile a cry, according to which the above mentioned, that time if the time is up, it will fire demon incarnate, that time, I am afraid that everyone can have a chance to surrender it alsoFind this ancient figure doing?
medicine old threw your hands

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