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life is shattered away.
that between heaven and earth in numerous road gaze, Xiao Yan then marching so empty, a step by step approach nine statues, leaving the latter face reddened with how to stop, so that was the latter have never had the slightest footsteps pause, and see this scene, any who are aware, Hsiao-yen’s strength, far better than the latter!
‘bang,Tiffany & Co Outlet!’
purple-brown flame rising palm, abruptly will join Pro tremendous energy handprint body shot to pieces,Tiffany Outlet, Xiao Yan’s footsteps ‘is finally stopped, raised his head,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, looked at the front of the room not far from some faint pale complexion nine days statue, a faint smile, with respect to eight stars, Xiao Yan fighting,Tiffany Outlet, but it is beyond his son several grades, plus the ancient imperial clothing and insect dragon phoenix ancient armor, nine days statue of attack, he is not hurt nothing This is not one level of fighting, from the beginning, that is, there is no suspense.
‘not just eight weeks, or eight weeks and the peak of the rapid progress of this child, I could have been a non-enemy’
looked directly own broken life and bombers attack unharmed Xiao Yan, even nine days looking statue no matter how ugly, have to admit to his current strength, Xiao Yan is not the opponent, the moment is the decisive one bite, feet a riding empty, stature is suddenly Baotui.
‘have come, why go on?’
saw nine respect attempt to escape, Xiao Yan is smile, physique slowly disappeared, when again, is like ghosts usually appear in nine statue behind palm pat on the vanity top, black circle aperture , but also with a hint of the destruction of the atmosphere,Tiffany & Co Outlet, filled with rapid and open feeling behind it like lightning from destruction filled atmosphere,Tiffany And Co Outlet, nine days between respect pale complexion is suddenly down to Hsiao-yen’s strength now

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