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taste, turned out to be the ancient days of the snake? ‘
word to the last,Coach Outlet Store Online, the candle from the shock of color on the face of the elders also concentrated a lot, some doubts and said:. ‘I did not expect this world, there still exists the ancient days of the snake’s soul.’ looked at the candle in front of
Harengula carefully from the elders, gently Enliaoyisheng, between the ancient days of snakes and imaginary dragon is said SwireIs somewhat ancient battle,Coach Outlet, and now the two meet, the soul of the ancient days of the body of the snake suddenly some strange fluctuations, but at least she tried to suppress, the ancient days of the snake,Coach Outlet, although strong, but here, but the site of the Pacific imaginary dragon, if let The guy ran out,Cheap Coach, I am afraid will be many direct imaginary dragon strong Pacific arrest a mess.
‘Oh,Coach Outlet, do not be afraid of a little girl, the ancient days of the snake family has ceased to exist, those ancient grudges, has also long been settled, but the soul of the ancient days of the snake born fierce and brutal, extremely difficult to control, you’d want;’ candle from laughing Road.
Harengula slightly dot – nod, with Pitt spent three snake pupil, she’d very afraid day snake soul
‘candle from the elders,Coach Outlet Online, I do not know actually what happened purple research?’ Xiao Yan hesitated, and finally
on the road could not help.
mention this, is the silence from the candle down, after a moment, sigh breath, said:. ‘If the origin of the dragon phoenix angered disaster ah’
Xiao Yan heart of a tight, but it is really a cry underground passage to guess when the matter is, I’m afraid he will get and the date of the ancient ruins of the dragon phoenix origin fruit of a relationship, really did not expect to be guessed.
‘Void Gu Zi research, but I have a family of royal

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