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raindrops pouring down,Coach Outlet Store Online, and then again and again, endless. ‘
Hsi! Hsi!
secret police hemp dark gray raindrops fell from the sky, and in that the rain among a Black Mountain and now suddenly piercing, sharp Jian Qi, direct small medical cents!
And when that huge black sword has just appeared, countless raindrops around is like being a draw in general, the overwhelming shoot,Coach Factory Outlet, but after being addicted to these raindrops, Mist surface is also on the sword in a while Chi Chi sound, and gradually fades, while the shuttle speed, but also like a deep a quagmire in general, slowing down a lot.
distant Han Feng, looked at the rain unable to move among some Black Mist sword, his brow is wrinkled, means small medical cents, and it is quite strange taste, kind of virulent force,Coach Outlet, almost even vindictive able to corrosion …
‘before going to beat you probably quite difficult, but now.’ ‘
‘Yin soul!’
face surfaced hint of sneer, Han Feng fingerprints shoved a change, an extremely tyrannical soul force, since their eyebrows, storm surge out!
between Han Feng soul force surging sword that blanket of darkness, but also violent shocked, and soon a strange sound waves from which suddenly spread out. ‘
sonic ear, a small medical cents body suddenly slightly shocked,cheap coach bags, soul bursts came tingling feeling, feeling the sting of the soul came, her face is changed, this blanket of darkness sword,Coach Outlet, actually also able direct attack of the soul?
soul hit,Coach Outlet Store, small medical cents gray and purple eyes appeared empty moment, and that is to seize this sword Mist flaws, into a blur of black lightning, rain to break the shackles, brought up sharp underlying strength, Henla The jets fired at a small medical centsVital parts.
fierce winds, in a small medical cents slender white neck at, brought out a

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