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in the fifth day after his exit, is learning day offerings Shura hand, he suddenly stood up on the seat since he noticed that a vast familiar atmosphere, At this moment, appeared in his perception of being.
wind Venerable,Coach Outlet Store, arrived.
(second seal !! 1190th more chapters rescue the top
Danta is a very spacious grand hall, generally only comes with the guests, Danta giant, had just met in here.
And now,Coach Outlet Store, this empty hall for a long time, but they are free to show some shadows in which to sit, one side has a maid respectful Zhencha pouring.
‘Oh, the wind Venerable, some years no, you had still is so easygoing ah.’ the first hall, Xuankong child looking at the large hall that a face wet with a smile on Tsing Yi old man, ‘laughed.
Tsing Yi old man, Xiao Yan is naturally pass it received the letter,Coach Factory Outlet, that is, non-stop from the stars fell Court immediately rushed Venerable wind, hear the Word of Xuan Kong child, he’d shook his head, smiled and said: ‘How can you When this giant was happy, my stars fell Court and Danta than plow can be only a small role in it. Venerable
wind side, also sat an old man looking a little old-fashioned, his body very straight, like a gun in general,Coach Outlet, it is an extremely sharp feeling, as if sitting here, not a people, but permeated with sharp-edged sword generally chill. ‘Oh, the old long-lost out Dan domain, do not know a friend?’ Xuan Kong turn down a child of the sun is the name of looking old-fashioned look to the old man, laughing.
‘I had the name, long forgotten, and later took his own one,Coach Outlet Store Online, called iron swords.’ ‘For the son Xuan Kong, it is in the old-fashioned man showed a somewhat polite, arch of the hand,Coach Outlet Store Online, revealing a hint of some of the face hard – see smile ‘iron sword? Could it be that in five years ago, is single-handedly bloodbath jade sword

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