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Yan brother ⺌ ⺌ brother is the murderer,Coach Outlet Store, then also do not want to mess hú shot, Here, after all, is among my ancient tribe ‘Kaoru children Meimou glanced soul duo Lin Lan eyes, faint:’ In addition, this also is not finished, in the days of the tomb among the cliffs soul duo I had secretly steal xí ancient tribe in a pedestrian ‘This is something,Coach Outlet Store Online, perhaps we will need two months to explain.’
Kaoru children hear the remark, a Road eyes of this world, the division division directly soul Lin turned two,Coach Outlet, because most of the people here are the ancient tribe, so those eyes,Coach Outlet Store, but also vaguely ill together.
‘soul forest, Kaoru children said, but the truth?’ Tong Xuan is gradually elders looking ugly, look to the soul duo Li, Chen Sheng shouted,Coach Factory Outlet, Kaoru children Kamijina dish has a pulse, is undoubtedly among the ancient tribe now The most important person, if she dared soul duo Cliff shot, then say what also have to give them an unforgettable lesson!
see children being smoked to a counter-jun, Lin soul duo is looking slightly changed, they actually did not think two people could be so bold soul cliff, actually really dare tomb in the day for children and others smoked shot, However, this time, they obviously can not recognize how kind, the moment is cold shouted: ‘Well, strong word ⺌ ⺌ wins ⺌ reason, you just want to wash it dragged the suspect,Coach Factory Outlet, said today in the ancient community, I have two really helpless, but Xiao Yan, you give the old lady duo remember, soul cliff two of the enemy, to say the family is bound to report my soul. ‘
Xiao Yan looking calm ‘faint:’ two words, I will keep in mind. ‘
saw Xiao Yan so that the soul of the forest is more and more cold two eyes, but they are aware, this is not even to mention the ancient tribe said the people, just the strength rose

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