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at home, by to assist in many of the strong. the head of the snake nest
He mercenary group is son home, but alsoHe likes the popular Lord every family, therefore, within this, by the family to deal with the strong opponents do. He is only open eyes closed eyes, a small mercenary group only,Coach Outlet Online, off went out. once on
post card with children of Xiao Yan Ling met, then it is vital when the bloody mercenary group, this time,Coach Outlet Store Online, the head of the snake nest mercenary group hired a full house from the Hittites strength in six two stars Do so strong spiritual order, therefore, on the strong sectors, all of a sudden is overwhelming the bloody mercenary group, and see the leader was defeated, bloody mercenary group is naturally low morale, then it is difficult to resist the snake nest mercenary group offensive, if not a half-way there have been XiaoYan this turn of events, I am afraid that bloody mercenary group, you have to clean up Duiqingshan disappeared. Xiao Yan
rescued after post card with Ling children, did not personally go to the rescue, after all, in his view, he and bloody mercenary group and there is no friendship, because only then come to the rescue and had a side post card The margin only, so afterwards gave him five homemade ‘fire lotus bottle’, in his view. There are five ‘fire lotus bottle’, to deal with some of the other bands of mercenaries fighting spirit,Coach Factory Outlet, has been enough.
Of course, this is also true,Coach Factory Outlet, as he expected,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan was a gift from the five ‘fire lotus bottle’ after the post card to save the bloody destruction of the mercenary group, three ‘fire lotus bottle’ in his throwing down ,Coach Outlet Store, head of the joint TV drama snake nest He mercenary group and two home strong, two deaths and one injury, so heavy tools, so that was the situation is a direct reversal of a sudden,

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