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nine stars Huang levels were also not far away from the fighting, you can rely on if the normal practice,Coach Outlet Online, want to break, and that certainly will not be short of time, can Xiao Yan, perhaps not so long time. ‘
not Tidan will have only one year’s time,coach bags outlet sale, and that he also helped Skyfire Venerable refining the body, according to the old drugs had said, there are three conditions for refining the body, a raw bone melt blood red, two, seven order of Warcraft essence of blood, three, were fighting strong bones, the latter two, the ability to Xiao Yan now, and it is not going to get difficult, but raw bones melt blood red, but it is the top seven bands Dan drugs, mixing drugs to his current technique, simply refining it out, unless he can reach levels were fighting ‘Otherwise – if the success rate will be low to a terrible level.
‘little brother, but the old lady for you Well,Coach Outlet Store, the day the mountain lake of blood, although tea magical effect, but at most only ten personal use, that is, if you arrive in the Tianshan blood pool after that ten people, it can only Under the three-year time looking at the empty blood pool to wait. ” Xiao Yan does not stand to see the old man quickly reminded.
‘Oh?’ Hear this, Xiao Yan is Yi Zheng, immediately smiled and nodded his head, and if so,Coach Outlet Store Online, then he is really afraid to leave early,Coach Outlet Online, Tianshan blood pool miraculous effects,Coach Outlet Online, be attracted to it away strongCertainly not less, if you go late, maybe it really is only waiting for the next three years. See Xiao Yan nodded, the old man suddenly overjoyed, like taking out a lengthy roll of drawings, in the heart hehe smiles: ‘? They killed a sheep, which is the first of several today.’
for the old man’s mind, Xiao Yan naturally do not know, but do not bother to care about even know what that map perhaps more

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