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also created a miracle! Within a day, straight Mulan old folk with goose down two days fighting were strong, so grand record, from later today, Xiao Yan is famous enough to make this the Northwest, but even with the future of inflammation League Gama empire and status, but also certainly will be improved in the Northwest! And all this is that the pale sky above the black robe to fight youth Yongming, he saved the brink of extinction Gama empire,Coach Outlet Online, these countless people Gama empire, from being displaced out save! After today, Xiao Yan who will thoroughly Gama became the hero of the highest imperial prestige, the prestige, even emperors, and even then the cloud-lan were also not someone reached again! The young man, from when – the family waste, step by step now is to tender to the point, perhaps many years later, the city that is called houtain city will be very proud to say that every person arriving here,Coach Outlet Store, they city, once out of a hero to save the Gama empire, and his name is called Xiao Yan! Heard above the fortress came shaking cheers, Xiao Yan and Hyperion East,Coach Outlet Store Online, also smiled and looked up at that very awkward goose down days on the sky, at the moment of the latter, after the appearance, first look with the eyes of fear Xiao Yan glance below, then rushed oak is waving this dilapidated body, embarrassed in front of Union army fled away.
Qiaode goose down days to escape, Xiao Yan also did not pursue,Coach Outlet, in a three-color display lotus fire after his body is a vindictive wizard greatly dissipated,Coach Outlet Store Online, even catch up to, it’s difficult to stop and stay, but the former body injury, Xiao Yan matriculation, within six months naturally,Coach Outlet Store, is impossible to recover, and therefore fear.
shift attention from the goose down prematurely backs away, and finally stopped in working with Medusa fire and

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