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income sodium ring,Coach Outlet Online, smiled and said: ‘So, then we would like to thank the older stone, and if this can really break through imperial struggle , stone predecessors Tianshan body burning, they can be handed over to the kid.
‘this will be good … But you have to go back as soon as tidal energy is about to reach its peak period, and that time will quickly fill up within the blood pool of the Tianshan Mountains,Coach Outlet Online, and at that time, the best time is entered.’ Stone Road .
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan is smile, stood up, facing the two arch of the hand,Coach Outlet Store Online, then turned to the line is out of Shi Ting, go on line at the caldera.
Xiao Yan looked away in the back, he sighed and said, Tianshan blood bombs land, that I finally had just swallowed rat race gold discovery, there is no fire, if not poisonous, it will certainly make me bite gold rat race strength rose, unfortunately, but now it is to let an outsider to enjoy the first cup of soup. ‘
‘Do not talk to me,Coach Outlet Store, with your strength at the end of that lake of blood are to be inflicted such a look, I’m afraid the other tribe is about to be killed immediately, although there is a treasure, but it is also deadly danger.’ Jingu Pieliaopiezui, said.
‘Although confused a burning, but I’m also in this short ten years,Coach Factory Outlet, from five-star to reach the seven cases were fighting level, so the speed, compared to other places, but several times faster than, counted , it is not a loss. ‘Stone laughs.
‘If it were not met Xiao-yan, are you afraid to live, but three years,Coach Outlet, those seven items on the Plains continent refining pharmacists, if invited, then the cost will definitely be higher than ask him …’
Stone smiled, also stood up, eyes look to the crater, said: ‘originally wanted to be a bottom sediment of the blood that is used to cultivate strong within my family,

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