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and finally flowing in the body, so the body Xiao Yan quickly become very hot some, but I do not know whether it is Shaw inflammation illusion Fall heart inflammation in vivo than usual at the moment is going to seem a lot more lively.
head out, look down into that deep hole, pleasant to the eye is that aRed, hot breath from spit out,Coach Outlet Online, look just like a crater-like, and that there is a hole from a distance of not less magma world, but even so far apart, but the PI – hot breath, still ambitious unabated.
looked deep hole, Xiao Yan throat doing the roll to roll, dark Mouzhong burst out of an ill-concealed delight meaning here for him, it is definitely a treasure to practice,Coach Factory Outlet, if in practice for some time here strength inevitably will have no small diligent.
‘Since you can practice here confident that I would not stop you, about intimate Hin Blue will have some time to leave,Coach Outlet Store, and you still has ample time to practice,Coach Outlet Store Online, so do not urgent, slowly, matter of practice, although fall behind, but they have to live within its means, too,Coach Factory Outlet, especially less. ‘Xiao Yan looked kind of joy appearance,Coach Outlet Store, the Soviet Union thousands smiled and said. , Ah. ‘
‘You are here to practice, and I’ll help you tell your brother, and small medical cents and others, so that they do not worry … here is my question will be sent several fire properties Gong spiritual elders down, if there is What changes, they will be the first to know. ” Thank you, big elders. ‘All things are go-getters to see Sue arranged, Xiao Yan smiled, nodded light.
Soviet Union thousands waved and smiled, and said: ‘Tell me what kind yet, now, perhaps you can enter them try, let me help you guard it, go if there was an accident, they send a signal, and I rescued you. ‘
Xiao Yan nodded again, immediately turned to sight at the end

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