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Xiao Yan, now the plan is to get everything looking approaches to treat Chen busy, otherwise, return to Xuanming cases, he is bound to bear two were sovereign Xuanming rage.
‘But anyway,Coach Outlet, the moment thing, still have to get their hands on the first task items,Coach Outlet, this time through the selection.’ Cao Ying Meimou stay on that road sky slim figure,Coach Outlet Store Online, but it is suddenly smiled, and said: ‘Do not Mr. Xiao Yan know if they are interested? everyone together, then beat the other end will be more Xiongshou is some certainty. ‘
actually hear the opening invitation Xiao Yan Cao Ying, Song Qing side of it is looking for a change, and whispered:. ‘Now, Xiao Yan Xuanming were offended, and then invited him to fear that they will offend Chen busy ah’ Cao Ying faint smile,Coach Outlet Store, did not care if Song Qing, but staring straight Meimou Xiao Yan. On
air, Cao Ying Xiao Yan eyes in this enchanting beauty Jiaoqu JL sweep of the sweep, but it is shook his head and said: ‘Thank you, Miss Cao kind invitation, but I’m a loner used to,Coach Outlet Online, and people do not like in droves, so sorry. ‘
voice down, Xiao Yan stature just move, but it is aware of a abnormal gaze swept in his possession,Coach Bags On Sale, and in this way the eyes glance, Xiao – yan actually are covered with hairs stand up kind of impulse.
such a change, so Xiao Yan suddenly a cold heart, eyes glanced at the bottom of an implied-nan, but not the slightest received. ” Is it an illusion? ‘Xiao Yan frown, Gang Yu recovery moving sight, eyes are suddenly a condensate!
solidified his eyes the place, is a marginal hill, where a black man, hand-written sign, but seems aware of Xiao Yan’s eyes, his mouth, but it is slowly stir up a touch of strange smile.
surfaced in its mouth a strange smile that Yi Sha, Xiao Yan eye pupil is slightly reduced, this mysterious man in black,

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