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also unusual, its chest that originally poisonous magic spot size of a fist. But now it is turning to some fine black specks, and in these black specks around, but also be able to see some faint greenish white mist fire marks a Road since Xiao Yan nostril breathing room set, Xiao Yan breath, at the moment anomaly The forceful, and the body, like Yi Yi grudge majestic flood,Coach Factory Outlet, arched sound crashed at high speed flow of the meridians, the original cast because Skyfire Sanxuan change varies body trauma. At the moment is completely healed,Coach Outlet, and that kind of state, but also worse than victory!
grudge majestic roar circulation in the body, between faint, have a kind of seems to be facing a bottleneck of the potential impact of aggressive away,Coach Handbags Outlet, And with more and more powerful grudge meridians, running faster and faster,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan’s face but also more and more appear reddened, body whole body at numerous pores, a small plume of steam like a grudge like a column eruption
‘cow!’ high-speed rotation
vindictive, continuing a long while, soon Xiao Yan suddenly stiff body, a subtle sound as if that does not exist. Ringing in his soul.
With this channel voice sounded fine, a sense of ease it difficult unspoken, but also from Xiao Yan body filled out, the body immediately diffused everywhereFall, subtle sense of pain because the body had a grudge and majestic appearance, and actually is at the moment give all disappear, instead, is a sense of something more to say,
‘breakthrough three stars were Mody,Coach Outlet.
Xiao Yan eyes closed, also in this hurried slowly opened his eyes in the dark, with some promise of green fire Mans circulation signs.
bowed his head, chest,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan looked at the spot where the magic poison, not completely refining, can faintly see many black dots, Bi rock scorpion cohesion

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