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 It emerged
Qiaode body of water to the mysterious tiger Jiao,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan is also slightly nodded his head, do not look at the small size of this thing, but if the state to go into battle, I am afraid will immediately rise to huge hundred meters, then a tail down, the whole mountain She was drawn to fly it to go.
emerged bodyMysterious water tiger Kau, I do not know why, did into human form, a dozen long tentacles root constantly swinging, after a moment, his eyes turned in the forest, where it is buried water drunk Xiao Yan Unzen tree place. This is the first
mysterious water tiger Kau obviously very cautious, even smell the kind of irresistible taste, still did not seem impatient, in front of the pit hesitated for a moment, and suddenly a giant lips moving, from the mouth of a blue spray, then into an energy shield nan,Coach Outlet Store Online, Dan Ling will have to wrap the pulp and into the rock.
done this layer of protection, it is this tail toss,Coach Outlet Online, stature passing empty,Coach Outlet Store, then quickly snatched in front of the forest.
see this guy could be so cautious, Xiao Yan eyes passing touch of surprise is indeed the seven bands of Warcraft, this IQ is higher than usual on a lot of World of Warcraft. After the mysterious water tiger Kau
stormed forest,Coach Factory Outlet, smelling fragrance sense, wandering for several moments, and finally in a slightly biased
secluded, which they saw it, was to find buried water XiaoYan Unzen tree. When it saw it in Unzen trees,Coach Outlet Online, among Jiao head, suddenly swept Xu some very humane ecstasy of color, but contrary to expectations of Xiao Yan, it does not start immediately, but the tail pendulum, a Circle pale blue water curtain, its center, spread out in all directions suddenly facing rapidly.
Qiaode means so mysterious piranha Jiao, Xiao Yan is also the emblem scared heart, mind a move, his wife

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