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then forced nodded, she brought two small medical cents Plains, matched but did not give them protection, but in the small medical cents falls woods, There is no power of the shot.
‘junior presumptuous!’
Xiao Yan ignored, anger thundered that were previously on the old man’s face flourished palm severely beat a desktop, only to hear the bang bang, hard burst into a table directly to the powder,Coach Factory Outlet, immediately waved Xiupao behind the chair is with a wave of rabid impulsive, facing Xiaoyan Fei shoot.
Xiao Yan deadpan,Coach Outlet, and when their whole body when entering the wooden chair Zhang Xu distance, but it is heard muffled plop, without warning, into the dark ashes drifting down.
see this scene, the hall are a lot of people on the face flashed a hint of surprise,Coach Outlet Store, apparently did not expect this young kid looks actually have this hand.
‘turned out to be solid two, no wonder I’m coming home leaves presumptuous, but today the old lady that you’d want to teach the younger generation, what is called the senior citizen!’
Qiaode strange burned wooden chair, that old man narrowed his eyes empty, sneered,Coach Factory Outlet, eyes anger flourished,Coach Outlet Online, soon tread the ground a foot stature lightning storm swept away the front of Xiao Yan, over dry palms, has something strange green flame emission.
‘four elders, stop!’
Hin Blue saw this old man actually said hands on the hands, but also touch surface Qiaolian pale, quickly said.
However, for her voice, and that four elders is Liyebuli,Coach Outlet Store Online, this is somewhat tempered his character, now leaves home facing this situation and so, is that he was upset, now one does not know where to emerge from hair head kid actually dare to jump on his head, which was how to make his anger.
‘Xiao Yan brother, Go!’
see four elders did not stop, and quickly turned blue Yan Xiao Yan, urgent

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