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seeing this, Xiao Yan smile, a mouth, hot flames spouting from its mouth is, who is close to many of those within the shadows of the flames hundreds of feet, all in less than three will be turned into income of nothingness, some with poor strength,Coach Bags Outlet, and even screams are not issued.
flames filled the air, then swept back to the shadows finally fright Dayton under the body, they come to understand ‘these people’ is not to die, but really come prepared!
‘darn thing,Coach Factory Outlet, dare to run wild in the house of my soul, really is tired of living! all revere, to catch up to me!’ In the sea of ​​fire filled the sky,Coach Outlet Store, and that among the giant temple, suddenly came in a slightly familiar thundered the sound, soon, the figure was more than a dozen lightning grazing since the giant hall, a group of people Xiao Yan finally suspended the sky, his eyes looking at books Sen after flames.
‘Haha, a mere statue fighting strength is also Ganna out bone quiet old devil,Coach Outlet, you still personally it!’ Xiao Yan laugh, laugh like thunder rumbling pass directly into the inside of that huge temple, and in When the laughter of his pace of a step, directly across the 过数 baizhang huge flames, appeared on the air,Coach Outlet Store, palms on the TV drama group SoulHall Senior grip, space instantly solidifies immediately severely Woxia palm.
along with Xiao Yan beat the Woxia that revere the soul of the house a dozen bodies, direct the group burst into a ball of plasma between an instant, even with their souls, are being squeezed horrible space shattered to go.
to Xiao Yan and now this two star holy strength, respect for the level of a mere few fighting stuff, impossible to block its slightest.
‘Huh,Coach Factory Outlet? Hoi Yan?’
under a master, Xiao Yan suddenly scared Hey soon as he found space at the collapse of that, there is still a figure

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