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invisible wall of flame suddenly crunch, the moment is to adhere to the law enforcement bodies on top of the iron, Chi Chi sound again, and also with the iron law enforcement shrill screams the sky.
‘You have two choices, one is now a flame broiled suffered and died, two is the prayer of your soul of the house will not be aware of the leak.’ Xiao Yan looked at the whole body braved the white smoke of the iron law enforcement, indifferent Road. ‘You.’ Bastard, ah. ‘I said, I said, let me go!’ Iron law enforcement had just uttered,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, that invisible flame temperature is suddenly increased,Tiffany Outlet, under pain, he is hastily shouted. Hear his voice, and that just slowly tightening the flames spread to the wall, revealing that the malaise of the soul body.
‘I know that sanctions temple, very far away from Izumo empire in the northwest area near the center of the continent and the junction of days Empire State of Mind a place called stream of burial.’ iron law enforcement soul trembled a little, and finally Road is stunted.
‘Tianxin empire. burial stream?’ mouth muffled whisper a cry, Xiao Yan eyes down the small medical cents and Medusa, considerably above this grudge continent √ ‘empire abundance, he may have never heard of What Tianxin empire.
look to see Xiao Yan eyes, small medical cents thought for a moment, just somewhat less certain and said:. ‘Tianxin Empire,Tiffany Outlet Online, seemed more indeed heard of’ As for whether his empire with a buried stream today,Tiffany & Co Outlet, is less clear. ‘
Xiao Yan nodded, glanced slight trembling soul iron law enforcement, immediately faint: ‘I hope you say is true, or if the time looking for less than this place, your fate,Tiffany Outlet Store, I am afraid to go where the good less. ” You want to imprison me? ‘heard,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but it is an iron law enforcement face changed, shouted.
‘Do not let you

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