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when he got ready to fight outside the hospital seeking news from Zi research, is to find ways how to destroy the joint between them,Cheap Jordans Outlet, But much deliberation, but did no good idea, after all, the family is not jiu python offerings were days that forces such offerings can be compared,cheap jordans for sale, they also have a very strong strength, if the strong alliance among all move over, they might be able to fight with a bucket, can alone XiaoYan a single person, no doubt some difficulties.
As for the name of the first demon Xiao Tian, ​​Xiao Yan also heard that this person does not discount the means to do things, and ruthless, mercenary, according to his temper, as long as the benefits enough, certainly promised North Long Island and other islands requirements, joint research deal with purple East Long Island, but when faced with these parties to join forces, even as it is extremely rare purple research dragon phoenix constitution, and probably can not cope
But if it is really possible to control the demon eyes open deep jiu python family, it will undoubtedly make the plot was broken three Long Island lost this and other assistance, for they will have no small blow.
‘But I believe you,Cheap Jordans Outlet.’
mind the idea of ​​flashing moment,jordan shoes for sale, Xiao Yan finally raised his head, looked at the demon close the eyes, slowly shook his head,cheap jordans, for the latter, as he knew too little, can not know what his character is really the case Its rescue out, have become the White Wolf,cheap jordan shoes, Thanksgiving is not just, anti-mouth bite, then it may really some stuck up.
seen so Xiao Yan said, that demon close the eyes opened his mouth, but it is not say anything, he did not have a way to get the first time I saw Xiao Yan, Is complete trust in him.
‘But I want to save you, it is not no way I can save even after you come out, and then help

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